File Browser and Copy Utility


Product Name: CopyCat

Product Version: 1.0 alpha (some features not complete, minimal testing)

Purpose: CopyCat is a file browser and copy utility similar in function to the Windows XP Explorer but with a number of enhancements that address some of the typical file copying shortfalls (especially when copying large numbers of files). In a sense, it is a cross between a batch file copy utility and an interactive file browser.

Test Platforms: Windows XP, Mac OS X, and whatever flavor of Linux our NAS is running.


CopyCat in it's current form is still limited in what it can do. For example, drag and drop has not yet been implemented. Given this, the reasons to use CopyCat in lieu of your operating system file browser rest within CopyCat's unique features which include:

These features provide unique benefits lacking from most file browsers and allow CopyCat to serve in the role of a simple file backup application (which happens to be part of it's initial inspiration).


The CopyCat file browsing window:

CopyCat file browsing window

When a copy is started, a "Copy Process" window is opened that shows status on the copy operation (still could use some layout work):

CopyCat Copy Process window

At any time, the user can switch to the "Problem Resolution" tab to decide what to do with files CopyCat was unsure what to do with:

CopyCat Problem Resolution window
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